Into the Liar's Light

by Disdain

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released June 13, 2016

Recorded at Warhouse Recordings by John Howard
Album Art by Brooke Dowling



all rights reserved


Disdain Jacksonville, Florida

Vocals - Jim
Guitar - Jackson & CJ
Bass - Chapman
Drums - Caleb

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Track Name: Pitiful
Attention seeking troglodyte
endearment in self infliction
You should be ashamed
For your self righteousness
Noose from noose
You hung yourself
Masked in misfortune
Your own personal hell x2
Day by day you can't live with yourself
Now you must hang your head in shame
Splinters drips from a sawtooth grin
Your existence fucking reaks of pity
Drenched in death
No salvation in the cowards way
Empty mind rotten self
Only your forlorn corpse remains
Track Name: Crow's Nest
Childhoods hour
I have not been
others were
have not seen
others saw
could not bring
Taken from me
Melancholy and rusted, clotted, blood fills your sullen veins
The crows, doves acast
For you cast youtself adrift and alone lone dove
Trapped in the crows call
Drowning in your sorrow
As death did us part we screamed
To the forgotten, I am solely yours
I give myself to thee
As you cast me down
Track Name: Into the Liar's Light
Families crippled and your children stigmatized, skulls crushed and coffins rise
Death, war, rape, slaughter. All caused by the vision of your heavens father
What have I done? Why must I overcome?
What have I done? Why can't this god pay
using crosses as ammunition
All for a deity that never showed his face
Crippled pastors crippling children
Their uncertainty is our guilt
What have I done? Why must I overcome?
What have I done? Why can't this god pay
Sinner to 3 billion gods
but your morals are the 1 percent
The liars light, my savior, I'm your slave
Your lying light has only brought me nothing but an early grave
Into The Liars Light
Dictated by the vile
No remorse no reconcile
Taken into tombs
Everyone will suffer eternal
The world is a casket